This Is Mental Health

With Gregory Scott Brown M.D.

This Is Mental Health is a podcast where wellness advocates share stories of health, hope, and inspiration. Each episode is short and sweet, and gets to the heart of how we can live a better life starting with meaningful conversations.

Dr. Brown With Coach Shaka Smart

Student-Athlete Mental Health

Coach Shaka Smart on the importance of paying attention to the mind in elite sports, and addressing specific challenges student-athletes face.

Innovative Ideas From Unlikely Advocates For Mental Wellness

Pursuing wellness together. Dr. Brown & Dr. Ashley Maltz

Pursuing Wellness Together

Dr. Ashley Maltz, director of the Austin Wellness Collaborate, on wellness practices in conventional care.


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Dr. Brown With Dr. Paul Cruz

Youth Education and Mental Health

Dr. Paul Cruz, AISD superintendent, on the power of social and emotional learning.


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Dr. Brown With Alec Brownridge and Chris Isom

Discovering Masculinity in Wellness

Alec Brownridge and Chris Isom on encouraging yoga and meditation, particularly in men of color.

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